Arnie Dogan (season 6)

Arnie Dogan

Arnie Dogan
(Albert Schultz) is a roofer working in Possum Lake. He seems to be constantly injured due to falling off people's roofs, though he insists on continuing to work no matter the cost. ("Roofing's in my blood.") Due to his constant injuries, Arnie is very familiar with the medical profession ("...the best friend I ever had!").

Arnie is also renowned for writing literally thousands of short country songs that he loves to play for Red and other members of Possum Lodge. By anyone else's standards, the songs are terrible, but Arnie is very proud of them and insists on playing them every chance he can get. This usually ends up driving Red and Harold crazy.

Injuries by SeasonEdit

1997 SeasonEdit

Episode Body part injured
The Implosion Neck

1998 SeasonEdit

Episode Body part injured
The Cult Visit Right arm and right middle finger
College Life Right arm and right middle finger
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Right middle finger

Country Songs by SeasonEdit

Episode Title (if given) Subject

See AlsoEdit

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