Caribou Lodge is a rival of Possum Lodge. Several episodes focus on the rivalry between the two lodges, usually in the form of competitions and challenges, some more successful for Red than others. The only Caribou Lodge member to appear on the show was an unnamed woman who was the winner of the "Mr. Possum Lake Competition".

Episodes Involving Caribou LodgeEdit

Season 8Edit

Episode Summary
Better To Give Than Receive Red challenges Caribou Lodge to a blood donor competition.

Season 9Edit

Episode Summary
The Battle Call Dalton stages a mock battle against Caribou Lodge.

Season 10Edit

Episode Summary
Sausage Envy Possum Lodge and Caribou Lodge compete in the sausage carnival.
No Duct Tape Possum Lodge and Caribou Lodge participate in a canoe race.

Season 15Edit

Episode Summary
Mr. Clean Possum Lodge and Caribou Lodge compete for the highest Tourist Board rating.

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