The following is a complete list of the characters on The Red Green Show.

Main charactersEdit

The show's principal characters are Red Green, Harold Green and Bill Smith. Beyond those characters, the designation "main character" is somewhat arbitrary, since characters tended to come and go throughout the show's span. Characters appearing in this list were designated "main" characters because of their long tenure on the show and their involvement in the main plot segments, particularly in later seasons.

Name Played By Seasons Years Occupation/Traits
Red Green Steve Smith 1-15 1991-2006 Lodge leader, handyman
Harold Green Patrick McKenna 1-9
Red's nephew, nerd
Bill Smith Rick Green 1-8
Red's friend, star of Adventures With Bill
Ranger Gord Peter Keleghan 1-13 1991-2004 Forest Ranger
Dalton Humphrey Bob Bainborough 4-15 1994-2006 Runs an antique/junk shop, cheapskate
Winston Rothschild III Jeff Lumby 4-15 1994-2006 Operates Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services
Mike Hamar Wayne Robson 4-15 1994-2006 Career criminal
Edgar K.B. Montrose Graham Greene 4-15 1994-2006 Explosives enthusiast, hard of hearing
Ed Frid Jerry Shaefer 8-15 1998-2006 Animal control officer, replaces Garth Harble

Secondary, minor and guest charactersEdit

Recurring charactersEdit

The following characters appear on the show, but are generally not integral to the show's main plotlines. These include characters that only appear in side segments, have only appeared in one or two seasons, or have appeared as special guests on the show. (This does not include unnamed characters, fans and members of the show's audience who only appear in one episode - those that are given credit in the show are mentioned in the episode article.)

Name Played By Seasons Years Occupation/Traits
Kevin Black Paul Gross 6-8 1996-1999 City slicker, buys a rural cabin in Possum Lake
Glen Brachston Mark Wilson 1-15 1991-2006 Lazy marina operator, obsessed with his RV
Dwight Cardiff George Buza 10-11 2000-2002 Lazy marina operator, similar to Glen Brachston, only lazier
Arnie Dogan Albert Schultz 6-8 1996-1999 Clumsy local roofer, aspiring country singer
Dougie Franklin Ian Thomas 1-7 1991-1998 Auto mechanic, loves his monster truck
Bonnie Green Laurie Elliot 13-15 2004-2006 Truck driver, girlfriend and later wife of Harold
Hap Shaughnessy Gordon Pinsent 1-15 1991-2006 Water taxi captain, tells tall tales
Buzz Sherwood Peter Wildman 3-7 1993-1998 Local bush pilot
Bob Stuyvesant Bruce Hunter 1-6 1991-1997 Works for the Dept of Natural Resouces, avid golf player
Walter Joel Harris 9-14 1999-2005 Very strong. Replaces Bill in the "Adventures" segments in Seasons 9-12, continued to appear alongside Bill afterward.

Single-season and one-shot charactersEdit

The following characters appeared in only one season, or in very few episodes as guests of the show.

Name Played By Seasons Years Occupation/Traits
Earl Battersby Boyd Banks 8 1998 Bait shop operator, believes in extra-terrestrials and ESP
Blair Cobden Brad Cowan 14 2004-2005 Has a show about him riding a snowmobile
Kelly Cook Stephanie Beard 10 2000-2001 Network executive with an unusually high voice
Crystal Kim Bubbs 10 2000 Foster child who was sponsored by Old Man Sedgwick years ago
Dale Gavin Crawford 9 1999-2000 Gas station attendant
Charlie Farquharson Donald Harron 13, 14 2003, 2005 Retired fellow from another small town
"Big Al" Finkleman Rich Burdett 11 2001 An ex-con who Mike once ratted out and sent to prison
Franco George Buza 9 1999 Mike Hamar's "guardian angel"
Ben Franklin Dave Thomas 4 1994 Dougie's slow half-witted brother
Garth Harble Derek McGrath 5 1995-1996 Animal control officer, now retired
Sparky Hoover Paul O'Sullivan 7 1997-1998 School bus driver, radio operator, conspiracy theorist
Anne-Marie Humphrey Jennifer Irwin (voice) 9, 15 1999, 2006 Nagging wife of Dalton Humphrey (see Unseen characters)
Reg Hunter Lawrence Dane 3 1993-1994 A vegetarian who loves hunting, former lawyer
Jack the Hermit Tim Sims 1 1991-1992 Former executive who now lives in a cave, fearing an economic collapse
Brian Jacobs Derek Edwards 10 2000-2001 Local undertaker
Frank Kepke Colin Mochrie 14 2004-2005 Hot dog enthusiast, can make things out of them
Jimmy McVeigh Will Millar 1 1991-1992 Postal worker, obsesses over the boat he's restoring
Sam Samantha Weinstein 13 2003 Local spelling bee champ
Thornton Louis Robson 11 2001 Gifted child
Joshua Twofeathers Billy Merasty 3 1993-1994 Native-American, land developer

Season 2 charactersEdit

These characters only appeared in Season 2, when the show was temporarily reconceived as a sitcom.

Name Played By Seasons Years Occupation/Traits
Noel Christmas Kevin Frank 2 1992-1993 Lodge security
Dwayne Nick Johne 2 1992-1993 Murray's dim-witted assistant
Douglas Hendrychuck David Huband 2 1992-1993 Lodge treasurer
Eddie Johnson Bill Carr 2 1992-1993 Lodge cook, loves to sing
Doc Render Neil Crone 2 1992-1993 The lodge doctor, always in debt
Helmut Wintergarden B.J. Woodbury 2 1992-1993 Lodge maintenance, mama's boy
Murray Woolworth Ed Sahely 2 1992-1993 Local store owner, sells overpriced and defective items

Unseen charactersEdit

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