During the early seasons of the show, segments would feature Red having private conversations with his nephew. Sometimes they discussed their family, as well as random subject. At other times, Red would answer questions from Harold, as well as give him advice on growing up. During these conversations, they would always be busy with some activity such as fishing, playing horseshoes, and repairing the Possum Van.

This segment ran between the first season and the fourth season.

Season 1Edit

Episode Subject (s)
The UFO Vegetarians, camping in winter time
The Treasure Hunt Cooking over a wood fire, Batman vs. Superman
He-Man Contest Violence in hockey, the danger of over-education
Guest Elephant Earrings on men
Exotic Dancer Red's favorite celebrities
Lost Toupee Beautiful women, buying new vs. used
Talent Show Nuclear weapons
Problem Outhouse Winning an award for the show, how is cheese made?
Whittling Contest Discrimination
Wind-Powered Boat Driving school
Hot Water Bottle Harold complains about gym class
Lodge Visitor Harold hated their recent family gathering
Gun Powder Shakes The government
Safety Week Buying contraceptives
Water Tower Shoes with air pumps
Jet-Ski Red talks about his own teenage years
New Well Red aks Harold about his interest in girls
Canoe Jousting Soccer vs. hockey
Water Slide Time travel

Season 2Edit

Episode Subject (s)
Doc's Loan The pressure to have pre-marital sex
Missing Music videos
The Receipt-A-Thon Beer guts on middle-aged men
Bear!!! Harold is not doing so well in school
Skeet Golf Harold talks about having children
The Food Club Harold talks about his plans for the future
The Florida Trip Red talks about his own teenage years

Season 4Edit

Episode Subject (s)
The Hydrogen Project Why do people smoke?
The Schoolhouse Project Harold gives his uncle a lift
The Electrical Project Why all the lodge members are overweight
The Storm Damage Project Men are territorial about their cars
The Silver Project Why don't married people go on more dates?
The Real Estate Project Why do men leave their wives for younger women?
The Stuck Truck Project Why do good kids go bad?
The Group Photo Project Why do adults drink so much?