Doc Render.

Doc Render

Doc Render (Neil Crone) is the self-appointed lodge physician, but it is clear he does not have a genuine medical degree. He shares traits in common with Hap Shaughnessy in that he frequently makes up stories about his past that are clearly untrue. Doc is unemployed and spends most of his time fishing. In the episode "Doc's Loan" it is clear Doc does not hold a job. Instead he relies on borrowing money from his friends. He does this in ever increasing amounts. He borrows enough to pay of the last loan and pockets any difference for himself. This "system" nearly got him clobbered by Helmut Wintergarden. He also makes other poor decisions, in the episode Four Man Raft he wastes lodge money on one of Murray Woolworth's many scams to defraud the lodge members out of their money.

Doc only appears during the 1992 season.

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