Douglas Hendrychuck

Douglas Hendrychuck

Douglas Hendrychuck (David Huband) is the lodge treasurer. His job is made difficult by lodge members who fail to pay their dues and spend money on things they don't need. The lodge members who ask him for money are always turned down because the money isn't there. He is known to be vindicitve at times. In the episode Job Security he fires Noel Christmas for spending lodge money on a security system. He selected Helmut Wintergarden to replace him and they ran the place with an iron fist. In that same episode he tried to usurp control of the lodge from Red Green. He was terribly unpopular and was removed from power. In another episode (The Bent Canoe) he tried to make lodge members financially responsible for the damage they caused to lodge property but failed to get any real support for the measure.

Douglas only appeared during the 1992 season

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