Ed Frid (season 15)

Ed Frid (Jerry Schaefer) is the second animal control officer in Possum Lake, replacing Garth Harble after he retires in the 1998 Season. Despite his role as an animal control officer, Ed is deathly afraid and paranoid of virtually all animals, firmly believing that they are out to get him ("even when your father's a much better target!"). In general, Ed is very high-strung and prone to panicking easily, and he is always seen wearing his dark blue animal control officer jumpsuit. Ironically, he goes on to become the spokesman for an animal rights group after the end of the series.

Key Segments Edit

Ed's profile Edit

  • Sex: Tense
  • Eye Color: Mostly white
  • Address: Possum Lake Regional Emergency Clinic
  • Weight: 200 lbs. when full of blood
  • Date of Birth: Late 50's, conceived during an episode of Wild Kingdom
  • Hair Color: Straight up
  • Aliases: Sick Leave

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