Edgar Montrose

Edgar "K.B." Montrose (Graham Greene) is an explosives expert and enthusiast. He is largely self-taught, and he has the missing fingers and near-total deafness to prove it. According to Edgar, his interest in explosives started when he was seven and his grandparents gave him a chemistry set for his birthday. Since then, his solution to most any problem has been to blow it up. As he puts it: "Your wife left you? Blow up the stove. Otherwise you'll start cooking for yourself and that's dangerous." His interest in explosives also stemmed from watching Road Runner cartoons.

Edgar is always seen wearing a blue until season 9 and a bright orange season 9 onward demolition uniform, a pair of ear protectors, and a tattered baseball cap. His lack of hearing often elicits strange responses to the questions and comments people make toward him. (For example, when Red asks him "What have you got for us today?", Edgar replies, "Yes, it is a beautiful day, but that's not why I'm here.") It is also speculated that his middle initials "K.B." stand for "Kaboom!", one of his favorite catchphrases.

Edgar is sometimes contracted to demolish or move buildings, despite the fact that he has no demolitions license. He has also made a number of strange, explosives-based inventions such as a "pipe-bomb organ", an explosives finder, and a device that will detonate ground beef mixed with gunpowder.

Edgar's profileEdit

  • Sex: Unlikely (short fuse)
  • Eye Color: Smoky
  • Address: Port Asbestos Outpatient Clinic
  • Weight: 200 lbs. (including explosives)
  • Date of Birth: May 24, 1957
  • Hair Color: Singed

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Notable Edgar MomentsEdit

This section catalogs the various things Edgar has either invented, blown up, or both.

Episode What
Father and Son Banquet A stuck garage door with hamburger meat
Adopt-A-Highway A dining room set
House Moving His hat
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas A howitzer for tinseling a Christmas tree
Coup De Grass Bedroom furniture to make a fireworks display


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