For the first eight seasons, after the opening credits, Harold Green would introduce Red Green in some way and always say afterward, "...your host and hero, my uncle, Red Green!" For the first three seasons, the openings were preceded with an extended shot of the camera panning through Possum Lodge en route to the main lobby as Harold introduced Red. But from the fourth season onward, the camera would already be in the main lobby with Harold there. From Season 5 onward, Harold would first say, "It's The (New) Red Green Show!" before introducing Red.


Season 1Edit

Episode Comment
He-Man Contest "Once again, it's time for the show that everybody's talking about! The show that caught the nation's attention and it's at the top of the critics' list. Well, I didn't say which list, so it's really not false advertising, okay? It's "The Red Green Show"! And now, please give a warm welcome for your host with the most, and my uncle..."
Wind-Powered Boat "We are rolling and recording! Hit the lights and turn on your VCRs and sit back. It's the show that critics couldn't be done, wouldn't be done and– and– and shouldn't be done... {low voice} If they've heard us, I just want you to know that we've said things like that... {normal voice} But we're here to prove them critics wrong. And that's a (?) to do, granted. And here's the proof himself, the man of the half hour..."
Gun Powder Shakes "We're rolling? Well– Aw, c'mon! Next time, tell me or something! Thought you guys were professionals. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, it's time again to welcome the world's greatest woodsman... Well, okay, unless, of course, we're counting Fess Parker. But he's the greatest storyteller since Will Rogers died, that's for sure. And he's, like, the world's best uncle. No offense, Uncle Jared. But anyway, here he is..."

Season 2Edit

Episode Comment
Bear!!! "Gather 'round your television sets, and make sure they're turned on, because this is the wildest wildlife show on the air! Bringing you thrills, chills, spills, and a really nice view of our hallway right around... now! This is the show that dares to be different, only because we can't afford to be the same. And here he is, the man who's the most different of them all, the star of the show and, through a cruel twist of DNA fate, my uncle. Here he is, the legal owner of 'The Red Green Show', ladies and gentlemen..."
The Broken Water Pump "And now, it's time for a totally different show! A show based on the assumption that no matter who you are or how busy you are, you have at least one half-hour to waste, and, well, here's a man who's wasted at least half a century, my uncle, which is obviously the downside of working with a severely limited gene pool. But he's more than a woodsman, he's a coulds-man, and, in most cases, a shoulds-man. Anyway, here he is..."

Season 3Edit

Episode Comment
Maple Syrup "Here's the man who put the 'out' in 'outhouse'. He's the greatest uncle I could ever have, unless, of course, I was adopted, but I wasn't, so no such luck for me. Anyway, here he is..."
Car Pool "Here's the main reason we call this The Red Green Show, the man who pays the bills and sometimes the Harolds. Here he is, the small medium, Mr. Lodge..."
The Spawning Grounds "Here's the man who has all the friends and he knows how to use 'em. He's so diplomatic, his favorite color's plaid!"
Magnetic Lake "And now, here's a man who's been called one of Canada's national treasures..."
Underground Parking "And now, here's my personal hero, a man who just (?) windmill, a real Don Coyote of the Man of La Munchies..."
The Tanks We Get "If you worship nature, then here's the high priest of the forest, the grand poobah, with an amazing resemblance to the Pooh Bear."
Fire Brigade "And now, here's the man who's been called the greatest Canadian cultural icon since Michael J. Fox, the man who put the 'wood' in 'Hollywood'..."
Green Green "And now it's time for the show about the greatest Canadian folk hero since Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction! Well, you know, of course, he wasn't Canadian, so that's not fair. Of course, no one even cares about my uncle of his complexion, so..."
Biosphere Three "Shakespeare wrote that brevity is the soul of wit, and that's true, and to prove that brevity and soul and wit all go together, here's a short funny guy..."

Season 4Edit

Episode Comment
The Beef Project "And now, here's the man whose career has done for plaid what music videos did for lingerie..."
The Owl Project "And now here's the man who can't see the forest for the fleas..."
The Beer Project "And here he is..."
The Firewood Project "And now, here's the Ricardo Montalban of duck hunting..."
The Hydrogen Project "And now here's a man with the most lumber in his jack..."
The Schoolhouse Project "And now, here's the man with millions of viewers, thousands of followers, hundreds of friends, dozens of in-laws, and only one nephew..."
The Badger Project "If Mother Nature ever had a father, this is the father to that mother. Please welcome my father's brother and my mother's brother-in-law..."
The Ski & Golf Project "And now, let's have a big hand for the handiest handyman with the hand-handed hands that you have to hand it to handily..."

Season 5Edit

Episode Comment
Men's Night On The Mountain "And now, here's the man who says 'Stop the world, I want to get a hot dog'..."
The Driving Test "And now, here's the man who made Possum Lodge what it is today! And still no apologies."
The Satellite Dish "And now, here's a man who brings the outdoors indoors to your door, a man you adore, coming through that door..."
Father and Son Banquet "And now, here's the man who is most likely to have a TV show based in a lodge named after a possum..."
The New Doctor "And here he is, the answer to Canada's question, 'How tough can it be to get a show on television anyway?'"
The Network Deal "And now, here's the man who changed the face of television, by giving it a fat lip and a black eye..."
X Marks The Spot "And now, here's the man who entitles (?) inside every time he phones his wife..."
Trout Season "Coming to you directly from Possum Lodge, where every day is like taking a vacation. From reality, that is. Here he is..."
The Lost Dog "And now, here's a man who's always fun to get close enough personally, especially after bath night..."
The New Statue "Here's a laugh in the woods today! You're in for a big surprise! And now, here's the man who turned that poor little song into an ominous warning..."
The Big Thing "Broadcasting live and taped and edited, and the satellite feed is a VHS bootleg copy, here he is..."
Bottled Water "And here's the key to Possum Lodge, because he has all the answers and all the keys."
Floating Church "And now, here's the man who is a little bit country, a little bit city, and a great deal of fog ..."

Season 6Edit

Episode Comment
The Science Fair "And now, here's the man who left his body to science, his wardrobe to history, and his personality to chance..."
Sedgewick The Tenant "And now here's the man we've been waiting for. Knock your door for the 'god no'!"
The Driving Lesson "And now, here's the reason God created no-fault insurance, the old fault guy..."
The Tax Refund "Remember, folks, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and quacks like a duck and is carrying a seized-up chainsaw, you'd better duck, because it's probably..."
No Church "And now, here's the man who wears his heart on his sleeves, but which has ketchup and gravy stains..."
The Petting Zoo "And now, here's the man who put the 'down' in 'down-home' and 'town' in 'downtown'..."

Season 7Edit

Episode Comment
Running Of The Bulls "And now, here's the Julius Seizure of Possum Lodge. He came, he saw, he conked out."
Swiss It Up "And now, here's the man with the personality as big as all outdoors, and who's as out as all big doors..."
The Implosion "And now, please help me welcome a man who believes charity should start at home, but not when he's home..."
Adopt-A-Highway "And now here's a man who's forgotten more about rational behavior than he ever knew..."
The Strange Ranger "And now, here's the man who pushes the envelope, which is actually a fishing pole that hasn't descended anywhere..."
Big Guy Little Guy "And now, here's the man who is a legume in his own time..."
The Movie "And now, here's the man who loves the great outdoors, because there's no doorknobs to bang your head on..."
Expropriation "And now, here's the man who doesn't give a fig about wearing suspenders..."
The Stool Pigeons "And now, please help welcome a man who knows all the nuts and bolts, 'cause he's a bit of each himself..."
Celebrity "And now, here he is, your host by choice, my uncle by birth..."
Let Me Count The Ways "And now, here's a man who just doesn't flirt with disaster, he buys her a drink."
Pardi Gras "And now, here's the Iron John with the rusty jack..."
The Splinter Lodge "And now here's the man who laughs at life, but the feeling's mutual..."
The Good Old Hockey Game "And now, here he is, the lion in winter. More like lyin' on the living room couch, actually."
Step Outside "And now, here's the man who laughs all the way to the bank but cries on the way back..."
The Town Mall "And here he is now, a man who once yelled, 'Waiter, there's a fly in my pants!'..."
The Winter Carnival "And now, here he is, a man who walks softly but carries a big cramp..."

Season 8Edit

Episode Comment
Harold's Leaving "And now, here's the man who made television what it is today. Your host, your hero, my uncle. The man who brought the Great Outdoors indoors and left a lot of dirty footprints doing it. The man who is here now! He's the last of his breed, but certainly not the least of his breed. He's the one who has that vision. Leaders don't have it often, but this leader does, especially when he has a half-case of beer or so. The man who natives call 'Dances with Duct Tape'. A man whose shoes will never be filled, unless of course he's walking on sand without socks. The man who set out to prove the critics wrong! The man who set out to prove the major networks wrong, and all their advisers! The man who set out to prove that the- the general viewing audience is wrong! And he went out to prove that the higher educational authorities were wrong, and the mainstream psychiatric profession– {gets interrupted by Red}"
House Moving "And now here's the man who makes it all look so easy and so cheap and so messy and so..."
Neither Rain Nor Sleet "And now here's the man who once said, 'I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Buick.'"
The Cult Visit "And now, here's the man who has no qualms with using the word 'qualm'..."
College Life "And now here's the man who could appreciate dads and is just a little more repetitive..."
The New Monument "And now, here's the man who's behind the message, behind the 8-ball, behind in the payments, the Big Behind..."
Free Apricots "And now here's the man who knows when to fold 'em. That's why he's in charge of the lawn chairs."
The Mayor Race "And now, here's the man who turned television on its ear and got stuck up its nose..."
Better To Give Than Receive "And now, here's the man who never says 'die', because it just might be true..."
Town Services Contract "And now, here's the man who's forgotten more than he'll ever remember..."
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas "And now, here he is, of course, it's the guy who comes up your roof..."
Life Cycle "And now, here's the man who put on his pants one breath at a time..."
Mad About You "And now, here he is, the man who beat the odds, even though he's one of them..."
Bingo Was His Name "And now, here's the man whose get-up-and-go got up and went..."

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