Episode; The Big Inboard

It is winter. Children's laugher at the front door. They tremble into the house, boots off, hats off. Sweaters, snowsuits, scarves, and mittens are peeled away. Hey, these aren't your kids.

It is winter. Down the hill you race, flat on your back, screaming, eyes closed, on a toboggan. Up the hill you go, flat on your back, screaming, eyes closed< on a stretcher.

Episode; The Elvis Sighting

It is winter. The rabbit's grow a thick, warm, winter coat.The foxes to grow a thick winter coat. As do the minks and the raccoons. but we cannot grow a thick coat. So we just kill them and take theirs.

It is winter. When people wave to you from the warmth of their cars, or shout, "hello", as they hurry by with their packages. But you can't answer, because your togue is frozen to your sleigh.

Episode; the UFO

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