Magnetic Lake Credits

Opening CreditsEdit

Steve Smith
Pat McKenna
Rick Green
Gordon Pinsent
Bruce Hunter
Mark Wilson

Closing CreditsEdit

Executive Producers
William Johnston
Ronald Lillie
Produced by
Steve Smith
Directed by
Rick Green
Written by
Steve Smith
Rick Green
Production Manager
Sandi Richardson
Director of Photography
Don Purser
Lighting Director
Brad Cauthard
Technical Director
Barry Elliot
Audio Supervisor
Bill Baker
Ava Stokl
Floor Director
Dan Blakey
Don Purser
Claude Gariepy
Gordon Judges
Barry Smith
Bob Finlay
Contributing Writer
Pat McKenna
Creative Graphics
Kelly Senecal
Possum Lodge Sign made by
Jim Jackson (Lodge member 4118)
Mr. Used
Green Gables Antiques
Terry's Garage
White River Valley Camping
Jeremy Mote
Ron Brennan
Lighting Assist
Chris Mahy
Steve Payne
Audio Assist
Jim Knight
Production Assistant
Hanem Hamouda
Musical Director
Bob Doidge
Produced in Association with
YTV Canada Inc.
Produced in Association with
Glen-Warren Entertainment
A Baton Broadcasting Company
Produced with the participation of
The Ontario Film Investment Program
Roger's Telefund
Production Facilities
CFPL-TV London
S&S Productions