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Mike Hamar

Mike Hamar (Wayne Robson) is a career criminal who was taken into Possum Lodge by Red Green for rehabilitation. While a nice guy in general, Mike's sticky fingers are always getting him into trouble, as he is constantly being found with other people's wallets, keys and possessions. He knows a lot about the criminal justice system, including what it's like to be in jail and how to ward off other criminals. This knowledge, ironically, lands him a job as a police officer at the end of the series. In the episode Mike Goes Straight, he briefly worked as a policeman on Red's suggestion, but quickly become drunk with power and began fining and arresting people, including fellow lodge members, for minor infractions such as jaywalking. He reverted to his old ways at the end of the episode when Red reminded him who his friends were.

Mike's personality has changed over the course of the show. In his earlier episodes, he wore a short pigtail and showed a strong inferiority complex, calling himself "useless" and apologizing for making simple mistakes, particularly in handyman projects. Later on, he dropped the pigtail and became more cheerful, open and outgoing. Periodically, other Lodge members will bring up Mike's criminal past out of the blue, usually by saying that people should stop bringing it up all the time, much to Mike's embarrassment.

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Mike's profileEdit

  • Sex: Conjugal visits
  • Eye Color: Shifty
  • Address: c/o Federal Government Corrections
  • Weight: 143 pounds plus whatever he stole
  • Date of Birth: During the post-war amnesty
  • Hair Color: Shiny
  • Aliases: Mary Butternut

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