Murray Woolworth.

Murray Woolworth

Murray Woolworth (Ed Sahely) owns and operates a variety store in Possum Lake. He is always dreaming up ways to swindle gullible Lodge members out of their money. His scams range from small (he once tried to sell Red Green a can of baked beans claiming they were chocolates) to grandiose, selling a "Four Man Raft" to Douglas only to have it turn out to be nothing but a large inner tube with a bait box duct taped to it. He tries to reinforce his scams by having a strict "no return-no refund" policy at his store. But when he does go too far, Red is sometimes forced to step in and resolve things before they can turn nasty (or violent). Murray employs a dim-witted assitant named Dwayne who has been known to blab to the other lodge members about Murray's scams, much to Murray's annoyance.

Murray only appears during the 1992 season, although he and his store are mentioned in episode #99, "The Satellite Dish". As stated in the 2000 episode "Man of the Year", Murray's store has been closed down.

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