Noel Christmas.

Noel Christmas.

Noel Christmas (Kevin Frank) is chief of lodge security and is always seen in uniform. He is a small guy but claims to be skilled in the martial arts. But he has proved to be a total coward when confronted with any real danger. The guys consider him dangerous with a gun, in The Gun Mishap he once shot Murray Woolworth by mistake. He also goes overboard with security measures in a crisis, which annoys about everyone. In Job Security he spent $5000 of lodge money on a faulty security system and lost his job for a time to Helmut Wintergarden. He is also unlucky at love, in Noel's Stag Noel got engaged to a girl he just met, but called off the wedding when he learned she worked as an exotic dancer.

Noel only appears during the 1992 season, although he is mentioned and his uniform is seen during the 1993 episode "Possum Lake Regatta".

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