Possum Lodge is the central setting of The Red Green Show. Set in the fictional town of Possum Lake, it is both the physical set of buildings and the spiritual brotherhood of most of the show's characters. The Lodge itself is comprised of one main building and several outbuildings, and there are literally tons of junk scattered all over and inside the Lodge property. According to multiple members and the city council, the buildings and property are full of so many toxic chemicals that tearing down the Lodge would actually pose a more serious threat to the environment than leaving it standing. Despite this, multiple attempts to demolish or transform the Lodge are made throughout the series.

The vast majority of the show's primary plot segments, and many of its side segments, are filmed within the Lodge. The main room, where Red always greets and addresses the audience, is filled to the brim with interesting objects. Among the more prominent of them are a pinball machine (identified as Mardi Gras (1947) with a heavily modified backglass), a bright blue swordfish, miscellaneous signs, dartboards and posters, and a wood stove or boiler can almost always be seen in the background. Various fan contributions can also be seen scattered around the Lodge from time to time. The room contains a door to the outside, a set of stairs leading to the basement, and a trap door leading to the attic.

Production NotesEdit

  • (TODO: Add notes about sets between seasons. See WP article.)

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