This was originally an unnamed segment during Season 1 featuring Red Green.

An almost identical segment was featured in Season 9 this time starring Dalton Humphrey. The concept was similar to the Big Brother / Little Brother program.

The host would spend time with a young man trying to interest him in a new sport, hobby or activity. But in the end the adult would always be focused on his own enjoyment and would spend the segment criticizing or bossing the kid around.

This segment ran during the first season and the ninth season.

Season 1Edit

Episode Activity
The Big Inboard Red gets David to mow his lawn
The Elvis Sighting Red and Max fly a model airplane
Practical Joke Week Red and David play flies and grounders
Talent Show Red and Max play basketball

Season 9Edit

Episode Activity
The Fishing Derby Dalton takes a kid out to the ballpark
The Bachelor Auction Dalton teaches a kid how to build a birdhouse
School Bus Blimp Dalton and a kid fly a kite
Hurricane Doug Dalton and a kid play hide-and-seek

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