2005 Season, Episode 297 (Transcript | Credits)
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To combat a long drought, Red makes a cloud-seeding cannon, but it evaporates the lake instead.

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Harold Green, Mike Hamar, Dalton Humphrey, Winston Rothschild, Bill Smith, Ed Frid

Segments: The Possum Lodge Word Game, Harold's Hobby House, Handyman Corner, Red's Sage Advice, Adventures With Bill

DVD: The Red Green Show: The Geezer Years

Segment SummaryEdit

See also: Transcript

Plot: The Possum Lake area experiences a drought that has gone on so long that "the fountain down at city hall's blowing smoke and the bird baths have switched to dry cleaning", according to Red. Harold blames him, his fellow lodge members and their emissions for causing (and prolonging) the drought, but Red blames the Possum Van instead because it was overheating. As a result, Red visits the nearby public library, where he learns that he could make rain by firing chemicals into the sky, so he makes a cloud-seeding cannon, using a television remote as a remote detonator, but Harold advises him to do the smart thing because it might start rain suddenly, so they decide to check the weather, but when Harold tries to turn the TV on, he accidentally fires the cannon instead. Unfortunately, the chemicals land in and evaporate Possum Lake instead of seeding the clouds as intended, but it does form rain showers over Port Asbestos, which ends the drought.

Opening Scene: Red turns the Possum Van's driver's seat belt into a cowboy's ammunition belt.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Dalton tries to guess the word "flowers" to win a free pass to Crazy Lou's Leech Farm.

Harold's Hobby House: Winston shows Harold his home decor accessory collection.

Handyman Corner: Red turns an old stove into a reclining chair and an old refrigerator into a computer desk.

Red's Sage Advice: How to take advantage of the downsides of owning high-definition televisions.

Adventures With Bill: Bill, Mike and Ed go on a camping trip, but are disturbed by flies.

Fun FactsEdit

Inside ReferencesEdit

  • As Red pours the seeds into his cannon, he mentions that he dislikes all movies made after 1959, except for "duct tape something", likely referring to Duct Tape Forever.

Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • Shortly before Red mentions the above, Harold refers to the movie Rain Man.
  • The Weather Channel is an American cable network that specializes in weather reports and other weather-related programming. This reference, though, may be coincidental, as The Red Green Show was produced in Canada and the Weather Network is the Weather Channel's Canadian counterpart.

Famous PeopleEdit

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