Swiss It Up Credits

Opening CreditsEdit

Created by
Steve Smith
Rick Green
Written by
Steve Smith
Rick Green
Peter Wildman
Mark Farrell
Bob Bainborough
Steve Smith
Patrick McKenna
Rick Green
Jeff Lumby
Special Guest
Gordon Pinsent

Ending CreditsEdit

Executive Producer
David C. Smith
Steve Smith
William G. Elliott
Talent Director
Rick Green
Production Manager
Sandi Richardson
Associate Director
Monica Presta
Properties Manager
Steve Payne
Technical Producer
Everett Gray
Gary Howe
Bill Baker
Don Dickson
Brian Radford
Tom Wood
Audio Assistant
Wayne King
Brent Rodgers
Janet Westheuser
Ric Arsenault
Greg Bruce
Harry Carson
Dave Doherty
Mike Wall
Lighting Director
Brad Cauthard
Lighting Assistants
Don Anderson
Rob Brilli
David Dool
Tony Hammond
Kevin McKeage
Steve Plotkin
Wade Stark
Lori Knoke
Ava Stokl
Eric Glover
Auto Cue
Tammy Crane
Staging Crew Leader
John Churchill
Floor Manager
Kevin Shaw
Special Effects
Mike Happy
Music By
Bob Doidge
Elaine Destree
Production Secretary
Deb Avetissian
Audience Coordinator
Tiffany Richardson
Production Assistants
Ziggy Bielec
Gary MacLeod
Laura Richards
Graham Steel
Carl Tribe
Special Thanks To
Green Gables Antiques
Mr. Used, Inc.
Terry's Garage Ltd.
With the Participation Of
Canadian Television and Cable Production Fund
Licence Fee Program
Produced by
Red Green Productions VII Inc.
In Association With The
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
S&S Productions, Inc.

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