2004 Season, Episode 274 (Transcript | Credits)
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Red gives Harold a GPS device in exchange for a book titled "The Better Man".

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Harold Green, Mike Hamar, Ed Frid, Winston Rothschild, Dalton Humphrey, Walter, Bill Smith, Bonnie Green (mentioned)

Segments: The Possum Lodge Word Game, Red's Campfire Songs, Handyman Corner, Red's Sage Advice, Adventures With Bill, Red's Handyman Tips

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Segment SummaryEdit

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Plot: Red shows off a talking GPS device that he is giving as a gift to Harold (so that he could drive to his parents' house), on which he already programs the destination. He has just finished wrapping it up when Harold walks in with a basket full of items, including his gift to Red, a book about sustainability in life titled "The Better Man" (which Red thinks is the GPS' manual at first). But when Harold unwraps the GPS, it starts making duck noises, which annoys Red to the point that he hits it with his new book. Afterwards, Red leaves his book in an outhouse, while Harold's GPS begins talking unusual words. Red then tries to repair it and it is then revealed that his book is being used to keep the table the GPS is on stable. Red then offers Harold to drive up to his parents' house, but Harold tells him that he is taking Bonnie along because she's an expert at directions, to which Red agrees with.

Opening Scene: Red uses a ceiling fan to decorate a Christmas tree quicker.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Ed tries to guess the word "presents" to win a free box of tinsel.

Red's Campfire Songs: Cheesy the Christmas rat.

Handyman Corner: Red comes up with a way to identify gifts before even unwrapping them.

Red's Sage Advice: How Christmas gets less exciting for you as you age.

Adventures With Bill: Harold, Walter and Bill try inflate a Santa when Bill ruins the display it was intended for.

Red's Handyman Tips: Red tries to vacuum up the mess left over from unwrapping presents.

Fun FactsEdit


  • "Tinsel Town" is a nickname for the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, which came into use in the early 20th century to represent the movie industry's glittery nature.


  • This episode's Campfire Song is the only one that takes place inside the lodge without a campfire.

Inside ReferencesEdit

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