The Friendly Side of Dynamite is a recurring segment of The Red Green Show, in which Edgar Montrose explains how to fix some everyday problems sometimes to Red with dynamite, other explosives, and, in one, a hi-pressure sprayer.

The Friendly Side of Dynamite ran from seasons five to ten.

Subjects by SeasonEdit

Season 5Edit

Episode Subject
Father and Son Banquet Edgar uses dynamite and hamburger meat to fix a stuck garage door.
One Man's Garbage Edgar does short segments with helpful hints and warnings.
The Compost Heap Red (and Edgar) learn about a new type of dynamite.

Season 9Edit

Episode Subject
Harold's Job Edgar uses jam jars full of gasoline to remove weeds.
The Fishing Derby Edgar uses water pressure to clean out an eaves trough.
School Bus Blimp Edgar makes an interlocking brick driveway.
Coup De Grass Edgar uses dynamite and furniture to make a fireworks display.

Season 10Edit

Episode Subject
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Edgar creates a "pipe bomb organ".

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