Infantile YearsEdit

The Dvd Box Set entitled 'The Infantile Years' was released early in 2010. It includes 9 Discs of the first 3 seasons of The Red Green Show.

Season 1; Disc 1Edit

  1. THE BIG INBOARD: The men build an outboard motor with a V8 engine.
  2. THE ELVIS SIGHTING: Elvis at Possum Lake?
  3. THE UFO: Handyman tips & a UFO.
  4. THE TREASURE HUNT: The Guys at Possum Lodge go on a Treasure Hunt.
  5. PRACTICAL JOKE WEEK: Prank week at the Lodge.
  6. HOME BARBER-KIT: It's Haircuts for everyone!
  7. HE-MAN CONTEST: The boys hold a He-Man contest.
  8. GUEST ELEPHANT: Red has a disturbing experience witn an elephant

Season 1; Disc 2Edit

  1. EXOTIC DANCER: Moose visit an exotic dancer.
  2. LOST TOUPEE: Old Man Sedgewick loses his hairpiece.
  3. TALENT SHOW: The lodge holds a talent contest.
  4. PROBLEM OUTHOUSE: Outhousee troubles at the lodge! Uh oh.
  5. WHITTLING CONTEST: Sharp knives & very male egos.
  6. WIND-POWERED BOAT: The gang builds a boat.
  7. HOT WATER BOTTLE: Blowing up a hot water bottle.
  8. LODGE VISITOR: An unexpected guess causes a ruckus at the lodge.

Season 1; Disc 3Edit

  1. GUN POWDER SHAKES: Special spices = explosive taste!
  2. SAFETY WEEK: It's safety week up at the lodge.
  3. BAD CHILI: There's a running show in the recipe...
  4. WATER TOWER: The gang builds a water tower.
  5. JET-SKI: The guys are mesmerized by a Jet-Ski on the lake
  6. NEW WELL: The guys try to dig a well.
  7. CANOE JOUSTING: On Possum Lake, a new sport is born.
  8. WATER SLIDE: The gang construct a water slide.

Season 2; Disc 4Edit

  1. THE PUTTER ATTACK: Bob hits Helmut on the head!
  2. DOC'S LOAN: Doc gets 500 bucks from Helmut, who is big & strong & upset.
  3. MISSING: Eddie's loses his Robert Goulet records.
  4. THE RECEIPT-A-THON: The taxman cometh.
  5. THE SING ALONG MACHINE: Eddie get electricuted by a karaoke machine, with hilarious results!
  6. BEAR!!!: A male bear attacks some of the lodge members, but not because it's hungry...
  7. THE BAD CHECK-UP: Glen is denied RV insurance.
  8. THE FOUR-MAN RAFT: Murray makes an interesting business deal.

Season 2; Disc 5Edit

  1. SKEET GOLF: Bob & Helmut ruin Glen's RV.
  2. THE BROKEN WATER PUMP: Water, Water, Everywhere & not a thought to think.
  3. THE ILLEGAL CLUBS: Bob buys questionable golf clubs.
  4. ANIMALS IN THE ATTIC: Eddie befriends a raccoon...
  5. THE PARTY BOAT SANK: Glen tries to convince the guys that they should get a 'Party RV'.
  6. THE FOOD CLUB: Eddie quits after arguing with Douglas.
  7. THE FISH LOCATOR: Glen makes a purchase he can't pay for... In money, that is.
  8. THE BENT CANOE: Helmut destroys the lodge's canoe. Classic.

Season 2; Disc 6Edit

  1. JOB SECURITY: Noel get replaced by Helmut.
  2. NOEL'S STAG: The gang has a stag party for Noel.
  3. BOB'S BIRTHDAY: A suprise birthday party goes awry.
  4. THE SUDSY LAKE: Possum lake is covered in pink foam.
  5. THE GUN MISHAP: Noel shoots Murray by accident.
  6. THE DOUBLE DATE: Glen & Helmut go on a double date.
  7. THE FLORIDA TRIP: The guys plan a trip to Florida sans Glen.
  8. NOT ONE FISH: Is there a conspiracy to kill all the fish in Possum Lake?

Season 3; Disc 7Edit

  1. MAPLE SYRUP: The guys collect sap via Russian war surplus.

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