Toddlin' YearsEdit

A sequel to 'The Infantile Years', the Toddlin' Years will be released for Christmas 2010. It will include 9 discs.

Season 4 (3 Discs)Edit

  1. BEEF PROJECT - Mr. Green can moo, can you?
  2. OWL PROJECT - Can the rare 'Unicorn Owl' mean the end of Possum Lodge
  3. BEER PROJECT - Uh oh...
  4. FIREWOOD PROJECT - The Gang at Possum Lodge get into the 'Pick-Your-Own-Firewood' market.
  5. HYDROGEN PROJECT - When Possum Lake is turned into a battery, local life begins to dwindle with all the hydrogen in the air...
  6. SCHOOLHOUSE PROJECT - The Lodge members ruin a schoolhouse to make it unmarketable (Something they're superb at...).
  7. FIREFLY PROJECT - Someone tries to light his home with fireflies... or wasps.
  8. BADGER PROJET - Old Man Sedgewick gets a badger in his pants. {-awkward silence-}

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