1996 Season, Special 2

Another Red Green special, this one about male culture around the area, as seen in various clips of past episodes of the show.

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Bill Smith, Harold Green, Dalton Humphrey, Winston Rothschild, Bob Stuyvesant, Max Smith, Glen Brachston, Mike Hamar, Buzz Sherwood, Dougie Franklin

Segments: Adventures With Bill, Handyman Corner, The Experts, Red's Advice To Teenagers, Buddy System, The Possum Lodge Word Game, Red's Sage Advice, Men AnonymousPossum 911

DVD: We Can't Help It, We're Men



{Red enters a workshop.}

RED GREEN: Hey, I'm Red Green, and this here's my workshop. I come in here a fair bit, actually. You know, a man needs a place to go from time to time where he can make mistakes in private. 'Cause most of the time, we're out there in the world where people can hear what we say and watch what we do. That's what leads to some problems. Now, I'm not saying all men are like that, I'm just talking about the bunch of us who are wrong, but not in doubt. That's really what this special here is all about; it's kind of an educational thing, hoping to lead to a higher understanding, you know, between the sexes. What I'm saying is, it's just basically a huge apology. That's why we called it "We Can't Help It, We're Men".

Title sequenceEdit

{Bill is seen in a middle of a ring, dressed in a karate outfit. He jumps to, and over, a wooden board held by Red and Harold. He lands with a rope between his knees. The rope pulls like a rubber band and then flings him back to the board. He flies back to hit on his head the board. It breaks in half. The words "We can't help it" appears on the screen, to the sound of an offscreen man yelling a Tarzan yell and crashing. At this time, Bill falls on his face. The man offscreen is heard crying. Under the first set of words is another, much smaller, set of words saying, "We're men". Red and Harold places the broken pieces of wood over Bill's head like a cross.}

Featured scenesEdit

Listed below are all the scenes featured in this special, along with the episodes from whence they originated, in whole or in tandem.

Episode Scene
Floating Church Adventures With Bill
The Science Fair Handyman Corner
X Marks The Spot The Experts
Water Tower Red's Advice To Teenagers
The Lost Dog Buddy System
Bottled Water The Possum Lodge Word Game
The Drill Adventures With Bill
The Elvis Sighting Quality Time
Magnetic Lake The Experts
The Tax Refund Red's Sage Advice
Lake Regulations The Experts
The Science Fair The Possum Lodge Word Game
Men's Night On The Mountain Buddy System
The Retirement Home Handyman Corner
The Baseball Tryouts Men Anonymous
The Lost Dog The Possum Lodge Word Game
The Satellite Dish Red's Handyman Tips
The New Shirt/Casino The Experts
Sedgwick The Thief Red's Sage Advice
Sedgwick The Tenant Possum 911
Floating Church The Experts
The New Doctor Adventures With Bill
The Treasure Hunt Handyman Corner
He-Man Contest Handyman Corner
The Putter Attack Handyman Corner
Job Security Handyman Corner
The Tanks We Get Handyman Corner
Animals In The Attic Handyman Corner
The Love Boat Handyman Corner
The Baseball Tryouts Adventures With Bill
The Cement Load The Possum Lodge Word Game
The Drill Men Anonymous
The Baseball Tryouts Adventures With Bill
The Love Boat Possum 911
The Science Fair Red's Sage Advice
Homemade Cheese Buddy System
The Driving Lesson The Experts
Maxi Golf Handyman Corner
The Church Casino Adventures With Bill
The Beef Project Buddy System
The Electrical Project Red's Sage Advice
Green Green Handyman Corner
The Firewood Project Buddy System
Homemade Cheese Red's Sage Advice


{Red is again seen at the workshop near the end of the special. He is putting duct tape onto a chair made out of copper pipes.}

RED GREEN: Well, I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope you learned something if you're a woman, and I hope it didn't depress you if you're a guy. It shouldn't, 'cause when you look below the surface, most guys are just dreamers looking for a little fun in life. Is that so bad? Eh? Where would we be without dreamers and zesty fun-seekers? Well, we'd be bored. And we get into even more trouble when we're bored. So you guys just keep having fun and don't hurt yourselves. Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together.

{The screen fades to black. The credits roll. After the credits, cut to the show information, showing the phone number and website URL of}

RED GREEN: {voiceover} To join Possum Lodge or to get yourself some Possum Lodge merchandise, call 1-800-YPOSSUM. Or if you're a techno-geek, check out Harold's home page on the Internet.

{Click here to view the credits}

Fun FactsEdit


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