Wind-Powered Boat Credits

Opening CreditsEdit

Steve Smith
Pat McKenna
Rick Green

Closing CreditsEdit

Executive Producers
Ronald Lillie
William Johnston
Written by
Rick Green
Steve Smith
Production Manager
Sandi Richardson
Special Thanks
Green Gables Antiques
Jay-Jay Charters
White River Valley Camping
Lighting Director
Brad Cauthard
Bob Finlay
Film Camera Assists
Steve Payne
Kevin Schnurr
Floor Director
Zeke Yovanovitch
Ken Smith
Harry Carson
Dave Cremasco
Rob Farmar
Skip Haybarger
Gary Bishop
Roberto Capretta
Jim McCauley
Audio Post Production
Bill Baker
Musical Director
Bob Doidge
Edited by
Ava Stokl
Produced & Directed by
Steve Smith
Produced in association with
S&S Productions

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