Xmas In July Credits

Opening CreditsEdit

Created by
Steve Smith
Rick Green
Written by
Steve Smith
Bruce Pirrie
Richard McDonald
Steve Smith
Patrick McKenna
Bob Bainborough
Wayne Robson
Jeff Lumby
Joel Harris

Ending CreditsEdit

Executive Producer
David C. Smith
Steve Smith
Associate Producer
Max Smith
Contributing Writer
Rob Sheridan
William G. Elliott
Production Manager
Sandi Richardson
Associate Director
Monica Presta-Fox
Ava Stokl
Online Editor and Visual Effects
Todd Hallam
Audio Post
Roberto Capretta
Special Effects
Al Wirachowsky
Ross Shimmon
Editing Assistants
Vicki Gough
Sean Llewellyn
Assistant Editors
Scott Newman
Chris DeNardis
Steve Leech
Mike Wall
Location Lighting Director
Brad Cauthard
Location Key Grip
Simon Crawshaw
Studio Coordinator
Joel Harris
Property Manager
Steve Payne
Picture Vehicle Specialist
Chris Campagnola
Technical Producer
Everett Gray
Studio Lighting Director
Brad Dickson
Studio Lighting
Steve Plotkin
Dave Dool
Sinese Mitrovic
Bill Baker
Brian Radford
Mike Hayes
Audio P.A.
Phil Loftus
Audio Assistant
John Harrison
Alan Grant
Floor Manager
Kevin Shaw
Stage Crew Leader
Chris Papadopolous
Staging Officer
Kim Burtch
Janet Westheuser
VTR Operator
Karen Donnelly
Post Production Coordinator
Pam Tyrrell
Audience Coordinators
Lisa Evans
Dave Smith
Senior Audience Wrangler
Tiffany Richardson
Make-Up & Hair
Eleanor Hamill
Television Assistants
Bill Smith
Demetrious Economou
Music By
Bob Doidge
Production Accountant
Hope Lee
Business Administration
Yashie Kowlessar
Special Thanks To
Green Gables Antiques
Mr. Used, Inc.
Terry's Garage Ltd.
Post Production Facilities
S&S Productions Inc.
Canadian Television Fund
created by the Government of Canada
and the Canadian cable industry
Telefilm Canada: Equity Investment Program
CTF: License Fee Program
The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
Writers Guild
of Canada
Produced by
Red Green Productions XI Inc.
in association with
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
c Red Green Productions XI Inc., 2001
S&S Productions, Inc.

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